Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Corn Plastic Mugs

For years, plastic and acrylic mugs have been manufactured with petroleum based plastics and polymers. Amid soaring oil prices, disruptive supplies, and increased petroleum demand, our supplier is utilizing an alternative plastic that not only helps relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy, but is based on a renewable U.S. agricultural product and is environmentally friendly to mother earth... CORN PLASTIC!

We now have plastic mugs made from corn plastic. The mugs come in three different sizes, a 16 oz. mug, a 10.5 oz. mug and a 17 oz. travel mug. They come in three colors - ag green, corn silk white and maise yellow. Companies buy them with their logo and give out to their customers.

The plastic used for these mugs, is made from 100% USA grown corn. It is a heavier mug than normal plastic and will break down in a land fill. Plastic made from oil will not break down at all. You can use these mugs for cold or hot drinks.

Corn-based plastics take just 45 days to biodegrade in a landfill. Normal plastic can take thousands of years to decompose. Corn plastics contain no petroleum, require 20 to 50 percent less fossil fuel to create and are derived from a renewable resource.

Corn plastic became big business in 1997, when
Dow Chemical, the plastics giant, and Cargill, an agricultural company, formed a new company, Cargill Dow, to develop the material. Cargill bought out Dow’s interest in the joint venture in January and renamed the company Natureworks LLC.

Many plastic bags used at grocery stores have been made using this corn plastic for a few years now. They'll break down as good as paper. So the next time the clerk asks 'paper or plastic', you can be environmentally friendly getting either one.

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