Thursday, October 20, 2005

Banner Displays

Sold a neat new scrolling display banner today to a large media company in NYC. They bought four Endless Ads(tm) Scrolling Floor Banners from my web site. These are large banners (36" wide and 6' tall) that scroll two different ads on both sides. The Endless Ads(tm) impressively displays over 13 feet of messages.

The displays are full color graphics and there are two graphics that scroll. They are really cool.

After 33 years of selling, I still get excited about selling something new and this industry gives me that chance every day.

I'm also excited to see what kind of graphics they will send me to imprint on the displays.

These graphics will have to be created as a full color process with a program such as PhotoShop. It will be a very large file and likely will be put on a CD and snail mailed to us.

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