Thursday, October 25, 2012

Name-In-Image Calendar Users

What is a Name-In-Image Calendar? It is a calendar where we insert the recipients first name and sometimes last name into each of the 12 images. 

Who's using this unique personalized calendar?

Universities and Colleges are using our calendars in fund raising, offering them to alumni for a $25.00, or higher, donation. They also could be used for holiday gifts for staff. Students would buy a calendar with their name.

Non-profit organizations send our calendars to all their top donors, with the donor name in each of the 12 images. Keeps your organization first-in-mind all year long.

Companies, large and small send our calendars to employees to customers and the best prospective customers they're trying to reach. Might be the way to get your foot in the door.

Real Estate Agents can keep their name in front of past customers and potential customers for the entire year.

Nobody throws away their calendar - when their name is in each of 12 monthly images. Many will keep the calendar beyond the calendar year and show it over and over. We've even heard of some who are framing the images.

Since every one of our calendars are printed specifically for you, we provide the ability to develop a calendar unlike any other. We place personalized names, that you submit, into each image of the calendar. Each calendar you order will be personalized with the name of your customer, employee, donor or prospect. 

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