Monday, September 10, 2012

TOP 11 Industries that purchase Food Gifts

Every year hundreds of thousands of companies and organizations use Food Gifts as a Thank-You during the holidays and at many other times during the year. In fact, according to American Express Small Business Services, 50% of corporate gifts purchased during the holidays are food gifts.

Here are the top 11 industries that purchased Food Gifts last year:

ELEVEN - Law Firms. We're seeing more Law Firms using food gifts for clients, employees and other people that refer business to them.

TEN - Commercial Real Estate and Property Management Companies. Prospects, clients, and tenants at move-in or the holidays.

NINE - Energy Companies. Employee gifts and thank-you gifts in repair areas. 

EIGHT - Manufacturing Companies. Employees, sub-contractors, feeder companies, customers.

SEVEN - Business Services. Smaller companies offering all kinds of services use food gifts for their customers and employees.

SIX -  Freight and Transportation Companies. Drivers, loaders, mechanics all are good prospects for food gifts.

FIVE -  Construction Companies. Employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, they'll love your food gifts.

FOUR - Insurance Companies and Insurance Agents. Lots of prospects here from company employees, agents, customers and local officials.

THREE - Hospitals, Medical Offices and Other Medical Providers. Nurses, Doctors, volunteers, and other employees deserve food gift consideration.

TWO - Financial Services. From stock brokers to CPA's, all using food gifts for employees and clients.

          and the top buyers of Food Gifts are...

ONE - Banks and Credit Unions. From tellers, clients, commercial customers, local officials, you'll see why this is the largest user of food gifts.

As you can see, all kinds of businesses and organizations use Food Gifts. What about your business?

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