Saturday, October 01, 2011

BUILT® Gourmet Getaway™ Lunch Tote

Gourmet Getaway™ Lunch Tote by BUILT®
Made from protective neoprene (the wetsuit material). Insulates up to four hours (time varies depending on external temperatures) and folds flat for easy storage. Tested for lead safety – no vinyl or PVC used. Zip closure and soft-grip handles. Stain resistant. Seven design choices. In our full line, over 80 BUILT® products are now available to add your logo for promotional giveaways. 

BUILT® with your logo™.

BUILT® designs fashionable and functional bags, totes, and cases for creative professionals that make life on the go more enjoyable. Our roots in the tradition of American industrial design guide us in the belief that form is as important as function, and color is the glue that binds them together. Drawing inspiration from the city that never sleeps, we apply color and pattern to laptop sleeves, iPad® cases, camera bags, lunch totes, and more. Whenever you’re on the go, BUILT® keeps you covered in style. SEE MORE HERE

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