Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrating Black History – A New Chapter: Barack Obama

Celebrating Black History – A New Chapter: Obama CD... opens with an announcer introducing a short clip from Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous  “I have a dream” speech. From there, the trail takes us nearly 50 years ahead and the dream was realized when a relatively unknown African- American legislator from Illinois addressed the 2004 Democratic convention. Fast forward to Barack’s announcement in 2007 that he would run for President, then to his now famous acceptance speech on election eve in Grant Park and finally on to his inaugural address. Each speech is highlighted to present key elements. The narrator closes the program, but tells us that a new chapter has just begun. Historic Figure Screen Saver is included on the CD. The content of this screen saver was edited by educators to insure that it offered a balance. There are 19 Black History Notibles. While many, many noted sports and entertainment figures are omitted, four do appear. The screen saver focuses on all walks of life and history and cites many important role models. It is possible to have an embedment of a company  logo onto the screen saver and it can be a hotlink to their website. 

Martin Luther King’s Birthday will be observed on Monday, January 19, 2009 and, very befitting, that day precedes  the inauguration on Tuesday,  January 20th. African American History month follows a few days later on February 1, 2009. For six weeks, the nation will be focused on the dawning of the next chapter in history.

Also available... Celebrating Black History & Music... introduces contemporary Jazz performed by noted black musicians. The beat has a Latin fusion Latin. 10 songs fill the CD. 

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