Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The World's Best Pizza Cutter

The World's Best Pizza Cutter is the perfect promotional product to place your message into the most popular room in every home, the kitchen. Used to cut pizza, pancakes, waffles, quesadillas, panini, flat bread, sandwiches, brownies, cooking dough, salads and more. Top four buyers are... Banks * Credit Unions * Realtors * Insurance Companies.
* Removable plastic blade for easy cleaning
* Removable Stainless Steel blade available
* Pizza Box Mailer available
* Paper coupon attached to blade available.
* Blade style available as the KITCHEN KUTTER
* Top rack dishwasher safe
* Individually poly-bagged with instructions
* Made in USA
* FDA Compliant removable plastic blade. To be cleansed before the first use in contact with food.
* Full color printing on the handle is available. Check with us for details.
"Thanks For A Slice Of Your Business!"
"Cutting Costs Is Our Specialty"
"Any Way You Slice It, We Deliver"
"We're On The Cutting Edge"
"A Cut Above The Rest"
"Banking With All The Toppings"
MADE IN USA ...more at pizza.kelseypromo.com

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