Thursday, November 16, 2006

Food Gifts Ranked #1

For more than 20 years, Food Gifts have been the number one gift to be given at the Holidays. Prior to that liquor and wine was at the top of the list. But now they are considered to be in poor taste, not knowing if a recipient would appreciate or the possible liability if something were to happen.
Every year in at this time, companies and organizations around the country are faced with the problem of planning for holiday giving. What to give to their customers who have made them successful. To their employees who have been loyal. And to those who have given referrals. What do you give that will be appreciated as a ‘thank you’? Food gifts should be you choice.
In choosing a vendor for food gifts here are some of the thing you should consider:
  • Freshness… when are the food gifts packaged for delivery to your recipient, in the summertime or when you actually order the gift?
  • Packaging… are the gifts packaged so they will arrive in perfect condition?
  • Quality… is there a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
  • Experience… do they know what they are doing, do they understand the business marketplace?
  • Branding… can they brand your logo along with the gift?
  • Stress Free Buying… Can they offer a complete ‘Turnkey’ Program?
  • Longevity… after the food has been consumed, what is left to remember you by?
Food gifts are traditional. They are an easy ‘No Brainer’ gift. Food gifts are fun. They can be shared with others in their office. Today food gifts are more convenient, they can be branded and in most cases, they are of high quality. Be careful of some of the very large well- known food gift companies, their volume is so high that they are forced to package as early as summer in order to be able to meet their demand.
In a recent survey of Business Holiday Gift Buyers, 61% choose Food Gifts well ahead of Desk/Office Accessories, 22%, and Games/Toys at 12% and Glassware/Ceramics also at 12%. Writing Instruments was 7th at 7% While wearables was also at 7%.

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