Friday, August 19, 2005

Calendars... Ad Billboards

Today we got a large repeat calendar order for an electronics wholesaler in Detroit. They have been buying calendars from us for over 25 years. They send them out to all their customers who then put them on the wall of their office.

Thus we have a billboard on the wall of a customer with the electronics wholesaler's very large ad on it. They also put the logo of one of their vendors on the calendar. The vendor then pays a portion of the cost. This is called co-op advertising.

When companies give out calendars on a regular basis, their customers get use to having them in their office. If it does not come to them in November or December, they'll call and ask 'where is my calendar?'

Calendars and the idea of recording dates and time have challenged and inspired every culture throughout history.

An individual calendar on display is one of the most effective advertising vehicles available today. No other form of advertising commands the valuable wall space within the home or office and covers more advertising fundamentals than advertising calendars.

Calendars come in many shapes and sizes. Everybody needs and uses a calendar many times per day.

First of course, monthly wall calendars, your billboard advertising on the wall of your customers, that they will ask you for. Usually one page per month or one page for two months and has pictures.

Desk calendars, small calendars that are mailable and stand on a desk.

Full year wall calendars, great for sending to large offices. Good for keeping track of employee vacations and days off.

Full year decal calendars, one is a strip of about 1" wide and 10" long, goes on the top of your computer monitor. They're very popular. Can be put into a no. 10 envelope and mailed. Also decal calendars come in many other sizes. All are full year calendars.

Commercial calendars are large, some are monthly, some are three months and some are a full year. They all have big numbers, and usually are used in factory settings. Mosy commercial calendars do not have pictures.

Pocket calendars come in weekly and monthly versions and very different prices. From very inexpensive to leather pocket calendars that cost $25.00 or more.

Today, most everyone in the Western World uses the Gregorian calendar. However, there are still 40 different active calendars worldwide.

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